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The Cueva del Viento (meaning Cave of the Wind) is a volcanic cavity nailed in the neighborhood of Icod de los Vinos formed with materials originated of the eruptive processes generated in the Glens of the Teide.

It name due to the important air currents that exists in its interior; is the fift longer pipe of the world whose length is of 17 kilometers and constitutes a true labyrinthine network of subterranean passages, being innumerable the ramifications still without exploring.
Besides its dimensions, the Cueva del Viento emphasizes in its unique geomorfic characteristic with diverse colors.  Its network of galleries is arranged in three levels superimposed, phenomenon that is not described in another place of the world and presents an extensive variety of primary origin structures such as stalactites and waterfalls of lava, lateral terraces and lakes of lava among others.

This pipe concentrates a great subterranean fauna that constitutes a constant source of new finds. The cave lodges a total of 115 known species and of these, 44 are troglobias, animals that only live in the subterranean environment.

Also in its interior, exists a big quantity of vertebrate animals fossils already extinguished as the rat and the gigantic lizard, and of other vanished species in Tenerife like the rook and the hubara.
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